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Worship with the 
Church of Christ @ Lake  Butler

Building a Community of Faith & Family


Quick info

Where we are located:

475 NW 2nd St

Lake Butler FL 32054

When We Meet:


9:30 AM Bible Classes

10:30 AM Worship

6:00 PM Worship


5:45 PM Family Fellowship

7:00 PM All Ages Bible Classes

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About Us

Belief in the Bible

Lake Butler Church of Christ welcomes all individuals seeking God’s love, and opens our doors open to every soul seeking meaning and purpose on their journey of faith in Jesus' life and teachings.

Lake Butler church stands as a beacon of hope in Union County & Lake Butler. We accept people where they are and help each other to become more like Jesus daily. Our church family is diverse, with people of different ages and backgrounds coming together in peace and love to worship and serve together. Get in touch to find out more or join us for a service.

Contact Us

475 NW 2nd St, Lake Butler, FL 32054, USA


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